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For more than 10 years, Teng Yu factory has been designing and manufacturing automated production machines. Facial cream cans are an important part of the daily chemical field. Our company has been developing and designing facial cream can assembly machines for many years, and now we have a mature solution.
The facial cream jar consists of jar body, hand pull pad, gasket and outer lid. The machine can automatically feed, assemble, rotate tighten and ship out. It adopts advanced high performance PLC with touch screen control and frequency conversion speed control to adjust the production schedule according to your production needs.
High quality and high output is our pursuit and customer satisfaction is our goal.
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Ningbo Teng Yu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Mazhu, the thousand-year old town of Yuyao, founded in 2013. As a professional China Pneumatic Vacuum Testing Machine Manufacturers and offer custom Pneumatic Vacuum Testing Machine service, has accumulated rich experience in the automation equipment industry and has become a benchmark enterprise in the automation equipment industry. At present, the company covers an area of 5,000 square meters and has 50 employees, of whom 40% are senior technicians who have been in the industry for more than 10 years.

Our main products are automatic assembly of plastic products for sterilization, automatic assembly of plastic products for daily cleaning and automatic assembly of plastic products for cosmetic packaging. And we are a professional production and processing enterprise integrating plastic products production, mold design, steel mold manufacturing and automation equipment production.

We are able to meet the specific needs of different customers. With rich experience in design and debugging. The factory has established a perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service system to meet the needs of all customers with reliable and stable products and efficient and high quality services. We mainly export to more than 20 countries such as Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Algeria, etc.

Honor Certificate


Through unremitting efforts, our company has obtained international quality certification, ISO quality system certification and CE certification. We also obtained a number of national utility model patents.



We are committed to providing our customers with first-rate products and services that will fulfill your business, small and big.

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Can Pneumatic Vacuum Testing Machine Help Optimize Production Efficiency?
Pneumatic Vacuum Testing Machine can indeed help optimize production efficiency in the cosmetics industry. These machines are designed to automate the process of filling and packaging facial cream products. By using vacuum technology, they can enhance the speed, accuracy, and consistency of the assembly process, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.
Here are a few ways in which Pneumatic Vacuum Testing Machine can contribute to optimizing production efficiency:
1.Speed and throughput: Vacuum assembly machines are capable of high-speed filling and packaging operations, enabling a significant increase in production throughput. With automated processes, these machines can perform tasks much faster than manual labor, reducing the overall production time.
2.Precision and accuracy: Vacuum assembly machines are programmed to dispense the exact amount of facial cream required for each product. This eliminates the potential for human error and ensures consistent product quality and accurate filling. Precise filling also reduces material wastage, resulting in cost savings.
3.Consistency and uniformity: By utilizing vacuum technology, these machines can create a controlled environment for filling the facial cream. This ensures that each product receives the same amount of cream, resulting in consistent product appearance and quality. Maintaining uniformity is crucial in the cosmetics industry to meet customer expectations and maintain brand reputation.
4.Hygiene and cleanliness: Vacuum assembly machines are designed with hygiene in mind. They often incorporate features such as sterile filling chambers, sealed containers, and automated cleaning systems. These features minimize the risk of contamination, improve product safety, and simplify cleaning procedures.
5.Integration and automation: Vacuum facial cream assembly machines can be integrated into an automated production line, streamlining the overall manufacturing process. They can be connected to other machinery, such as labeling machines or carton packaging systems, to create a fully automated and efficient production flow.

What Customization Options Do Pneumatic Vacuum Testing Machine Offer?
When it comes to customization options, TengYu Pneumatic Vacuum Testing Machine offer a range of features that allow manufacturers to create unique and appealing packaging designs. Here are some key customization options provided by these machines:
1.Can Size and Shape: Vacuum facial cream can assembly machines are designed to accommodate various can sizes and shapes. Manufacturers have the flexibility to choose the dimensions that best suit their product and brand image, whether it's round, square, rectangular, or other custom shapes.
2.Labeling and Branding: These machines often come equipped with labeling capabilities. They can apply labels with product information, branding elements, logos, and barcodes, allowing for a customized and professional appearance.
3.Color and Material: Manufacturers can choose different colors and materials for the can packaging. Whether it's vibrant and eye-catching hues or subtle and elegant tones, vacuum facial cream can assembly machines can handle a wide range of colors and materials to suit brand preferences.
4.Embossing and Texture: Pneumatic Vacuum Testing Machine can add embossed patterns or textures to the can surface, providing a unique and tactile experience for customers. This customization option adds a premium and luxurious touch to the packaging.